30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 2! Running with Wolves


Here’s my next picture for the 30 Day Picture Challenge. Day’s two challenge is: Survival of the fittest! Post a picture of your toon running away from a risky situation.

I might be stretching it a little, this looks more like my toon running in front of the risky situation, haha! The wolf is chasing after one of my fellowship who’s just barely off screen, you can see his shadow on the bottom left. Anyway, that’s my hobbit burglar Limmore there in the center, riding her perlino steed and dressed in her favorite red outfit and pointy hat!


Lady of Fangs

Limmenel, Lady of Fangs

The warg slashed at her with its gnarled claws. This was to be her 150th warg kill since she crossed over into the land of the Witch-king. She mused at how far she’d come- from the safe haven of Cleondim to these desolate lands where not even the sun dared to shine. And it really was an ugly, desolate place. Many of the men, elves, dwarves and hobbits she’d met on her journey had warned her of the desolation; their fear and distaste for this dark land was all they could say of it. She finished the warg off with her merciful shot. He had fought her til his last breath, she had to admire him for that.*

*I wrote this little paragraph a long time ago, in 2010, when my hunter Limmenel earned the title Lady of Fangs. Thought it would be fun to share it! 🙂

Mae govannen! Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a lotro related blog for a long time, and today is the day of my first post, yay! I’m known in my circles as Limm (all of my characters are named Limm-something). I play 99% of the time on Gladden, although I’ve recently started a toon on Landroval to participate in some of the fun activities on that server!

So I thought I’d start out by doing Lotrogeek’s 30 Day Picture Challenge (see the list here). Basically the idea is to post a picture a day, and there’s a different challenge for each day of what to post. Fun times! 🙂

The first challenge:

  1. Post a picture of your main toon(s).  Limit of three for you toon hogs like me!

Here are my three “mains.” I’ll be posting all my toons eventually on my The Limms page, these are some little picture’s with banner’s I made for them, woohoo!

Limmerien, my level 85 Runekeeper

Limmenel, my level 80 Hunter

Limmyre, my level 63 Minstrel