Weatherstock V

This weekend, Limmerien of Landroval traveled from Celondim in Ered Luin, through the lands of Bree, and beyond to the peak of Weathertop in the Lonelands for Weatherstock V. It was a long journey for a level nine rune-keeper, but with the help of her friends Snapdragon and Gylnne, she reached the peak safely and spent many happy hours full of dancing and music!

What a fun event! This was my first time at Weatherstock and I had a blast! Here are a few of my favorite screenshots from the event.

The crowd, having a merry old time.

One of the bands rocking out, I forget which band this was though, sorry!

Raise your tokens! – The host of the event, Harperella (in the green) with the band Mornie Atlantie.

Harperella having a little too much fun, ha ha!

The band Andunie played to a captivated audience.

Things got a little crazy near the end of the event, ha ha!

Some beautiful fireworks over Weathertop

A levitating hobbit on the way back to Bree.

To see the rest of my screenshots visit my flickr set: Weatherstock V


30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 9! Glitches

Day 9’s challenge is: Gl1tcht4st1c – Most interesting glitch encountered.

Now, I don’t always think to grab a screenshot of a glitch when it’s happening, so I really had to go back over my archives with a fine toothed comb to search for something. I also have been thinking about this one for the past week, so I tried to grab a few new screenshots if anything happened. Here’s what I came up with.

The first one we have is the floor at the bottom of the stairs at the beginning of Halls of Crafting instance has this little problem with disappearing! I was doing some deed grinding in there a few nights ago (with the ultimate goal of completing the meta deed Saviour of Lothlorien) and every time we ran in the same thing happened at the same spot. I’ve noticed this happen in other instances as well, always a little unnerving to have the floor underneath you disappear. Here are a couple of shots I grabbed:

Now you see it… (except for around the top and the right)

And now you don’t!


I don’t know if this next one classifies as a glitch, but I thought it was funny.

That boar is upside down and in the water. Maybe he needed to get his back wet? Maybe he had an itch to scratch? Or is he taking a bath? Nobody knows. Silly boar!


These next two shots are also things I’m not sure you would call a glitch, but they are funny. When you stand right up on the edge of a ledge and do one of the dance emotes you can dance your way off the edge but without actually falling (particularly the Elf 2 dance, which has a wide area).

For some reason this has always cracked me up, I tend to do it any time I get the chance. 🙂


This next one is more of an annoyance if you are a frequent screenshot taker who also uses the buff bars plugin.

The timer numbers don’t always go away when you get rid of the UI. So frustrating when you’re trying to take a quick screenshot, you have to unload the buffbars first. Oh well. It’s still a great plugin that I enjoy. 🙂


Now this last one I would call a true glitch.

This is a fun little glitch that can happen when you leave the Tower of Orthanc Lightening wing when there’s a lightening thingy happening in the last boss fight (I forget what it’s actually called). These two fellows were running around Galtrev still connected to each other, it was a funny sight to see! 🙂

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 8! Mount Up!

Mounting up! – Your favorite mount
So many to chose from but I whittled it down to my top 4, in no particular order. 🙂

Prized Rivendell Horse
I love this horse because it’s so pretty with the yellow/gold on it. 🙂

Elf Ambassador’s Horse
This one is great, it’s probably the easiest +68% steed you can earn in the game (not to say that it’s super easy though, you have to earn kindred reputation with the elves of Rivendell, Lothlorien & Mirkwood). I also like that it has flag on it, fancy! 🙂

War-steed with the Spotted War-Steed appearance and Steed of the Champion appearance (dyed).
My rune-keeper’s War-steed is pretty great, I randomly got the spotted war-steed appearance from somewhere, a drop I think, and then the steed of the champion appearance I had because I won a lotto for it, which was pretty funny considering I won it on my rune-keeper. I bought one of the war-steed dye bundle thingies from the store when it was on sale so I could dye it a nice purple/pink color.

Nimble Black Goat
I love the Nimble Black Goat, it’s so pretty, it’s +68% speed, and I’m so proud of it, a well earned prize for completing the meta deed Saviour of Khazad-dum, which believe me, took quite some time. 🙂

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 7! EPIC Indeed!

Today’s picture challenge is: A Truly Epic Adventure – Most memorable moment/quest line from the epic story

It’s gotta be Volume 1, Book 9, Chapter 2, Instance: Oakheart’s Might. This is one seriously epic chapter, with big twist ending sort of thing. I will try not to say much so as to not give any spoilers to those who haven’t done it yet, but WOW! All I can say is you will be stunned, in every sense of the word! 🙂



30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 6! Creepy Places

Picture of the creepiest place in game.

Tough decision, so many creepy places!

Mirkwood is pretty creepy… this is Limmenel and her friend Edbhard (pronounced Edward, bh makes a w sound in Gaelic) in a particularly creepy spot, a cemetery south of the Haunted Inn.

And this is poor Limmenel in Carn Dum, as you can see by this picture she is very creeped out, between all the scary mobs and green water than defeats you when you touch it, it is definitely high on the list of creepy places!

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 5! A Tour Through Lothlorien

Back again with today’s photo challenge:

Playing tourist! Picture of the place you most eagerly anticipated visiting.

Definitely Lothlorien, the golden wood. Such a magical place! Let me take you on a small tour…

There are many beautiful trails throughout Lothlorien, a great place for walk or a leisurely ride on your steed.

This is in Cerin Nauth, with some beautiful statues of Amroth and Nimrodel. Just one of the many noteworthy places to visit in Lothlorien.

The view from Cerin Amroth, one of Lothlorien’s most breathtaking flets. If you visit 11 of the flets on your travels you will earn the distinction of being known as a Lorien Lookout by those you meet!

And be sure to make your way to the city of Caras Galadhon, it is not to be missed! Make sure you become well acquainted with the elves first, they don’t let just anyone wander into their city of trees!

Thank you for touring Lothlorien with me today!

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 4! Running into Legolas

Day 4: Celebrity stalker moment, which book character were you most excited to meet? 

Today’s challenge is a real fun one, hehe! For me it has to be that dreamy elf Legolas!

Legolas and Limmerien have crossed paths a few times in middle earth, first in Rivendell near Elrond’s house, the second time it was in Lothlorien, and the third time it was like a dream… she can’t remember where exactly, somewhere along the river Anduin she thinks. Being from the Mirkwood elves herself she has always enjoyed spending time with the son of Thranduil, and looks forward to the next time they meet.

Limmerien & Legolas in Rivendell jpg

Limmerien & Legolas in Lothlorien jpg

Limmerien & Legolas in a Dream jpg

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