30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 4! Running into Legolas

Day 4: Celebrity stalker moment, which book character were you most excited to meet? 

Today’s challenge is a real fun one, hehe! For me it has to be that dreamy elf Legolas!

Legolas and Limmerien have crossed paths a few times in middle earth, first in Rivendell near Elrond’s house, the second time it was in Lothlorien, and the third time it was like a dream… she can’t remember where exactly, somewhere along the river Anduin she thinks. Being from the Mirkwood elves herself she has always enjoyed spending time with the son of Thranduil, and looks forward to the next time they meet.

Limmerien & Legolas in Rivendell jpg

Limmerien & Legolas in Lothlorien jpg

Limmerien & Legolas in a Dream jpg

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