A LotR-ish Music Recommendation

Mithril Band

Image from Mithril’s website, found here.

I wanted to share some music that I’ve been really enjoying lately. It’s a Celtic band from Alabama called Mithril. They are super great! Are you a Spotify user? Then click this link to listen to a playlist of a few of my favorite Mithril tracks. Although I recommend all their albums, Tangled Up is probably my favorite. It’s nice music for jolly times, would be great to listen to while working, or crafting, at a dinner party, or whatever it is you like to do! If you like the music in lotro and the Lord of the Rings movies you will probably enjoy this band, they even have a song that is a medley of music from the LotR movies.

Check them out and let me know what you think! Any other music recommendations out there for us middle-earth folks?


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