30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 5! A Tour Through Lothlorien

Back again with today’s photo challenge:

Playing tourist! Picture of the place you most eagerly anticipated visiting.

Definitely Lothlorien, the golden wood. Such a magical place! Let me take you on a small tour…

There are many beautiful trails throughout Lothlorien, a great place for walk or a leisurely ride on your steed.

This is in Cerin Nauth, with some beautiful statues of Amroth and Nimrodel. Just one of the many noteworthy places to visit in Lothlorien.

The view from Cerin Amroth, one of Lothlorien’s most breathtaking flets. If you visit 11 of the flets on your travels you will earn the distinction of being known as a Lorien Lookout by those you meet!

And be sure to make your way to the city of Caras Galadhon, it is not to be missed! Make sure you become well acquainted with the elves first, they don’t let just anyone wander into their city of trees!

Thank you for touring Lothlorien with me today!


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