30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 9! Glitches

Day 9’s challenge is: Gl1tcht4st1c – Most interesting glitch encountered.

Now, I don’t always think to grab a screenshot of a glitch when it’s happening, so I really had to go back over my archives with a fine toothed comb to search for something. I also have been thinking about this one for the past week, so I tried to grab a few new screenshots if anything happened. Here’s what I came up with.

The first one we have is the floor at the bottom of the stairs at the beginning of Halls of Crafting instance has this little problem with disappearing! I was doing some deed grinding in there a few nights ago (with the ultimate goal of completing the meta deed Saviour of Lothlorien) and every time we ran in the same thing happened at the same spot. I’ve noticed this happen in other instances as well, always a little unnerving to have the floor underneath you disappear. Here are a couple of shots I grabbed:

Now you see it… (except for around the top and the right)

And now you don’t!


I don’t know if this next one classifies as a glitch, but I thought it was funny.

That boar is upside down and in the water. Maybe he needed to get his back wet? Maybe he had an itch to scratch? Or is he taking a bath? Nobody knows. Silly boar!


These next two shots are also things I’m not sure you would call a glitch, but they are funny. When you stand right up on the edge of a ledge and do one of the dance emotes you can dance your way off the edge but without actually falling (particularly the Elf 2 dance, which has a wide area).

For some reason this has always cracked me up, I tend to do it any time I get the chance. 🙂


This next one is more of an annoyance if you are a frequent screenshot taker who also uses the buff bars plugin.

The timer numbers don’t always go away when you get rid of the UI. So frustrating when you’re trying to take a quick screenshot, you have to unload the buffbars first. Oh well. It’s still a great plugin that I enjoy. 🙂


Now this last one I would call a true glitch.

This is a fun little glitch that can happen when you leave the Tower of Orthanc Lightening wing when there’s a lightening thingy happening in the last boss fight (I forget what it’s actually called). These two fellows were running around Galtrev still connected to each other, it was a funny sight to see! 🙂


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