My 30 Day Picture Challenge Continues (finally) with a House Tour!

I finally uploaded some screenshots to my flickr so I can continue the 30 day picture challenge. More like the 12 month picture challenge in my case, ha ha! This is just part 1 of my house tour, I took so many screenshots I thought it’d be best to break it into a few posts.

Today’s challenge is Day 12 Where the heart is – a picture of your ingame home (kin or individual). I thought I’d expand this and highlight a few of my favorite things, and take you on a little tour of my humble abode. I’ll try to link as many of the items to their Lotro Wiki pages as much as possible, in case you want to get them for yourselves! My house is at 2 Long Street. It is one of the deluxe homes in the Bree-land Homesteads.

So the picture above is a view of my house and the front yard. On the right you’ll see the lovely Lorien Garden Gate. To the left of that you will see Caerog’s Arm. I know, sounds kinda gross, but once you’ve planted it in your yard it really looks nice, lovely flowers growing on it and such. Quite a lovely trophy for defeating Caerlûg in The Water Wheels: Nalâ-dûm instance. To the left of that you will see the Summer Hammock, it’s quite a lovely spot to while away the afternoon! In the back next to the house you can see the chicken coop. Here is a close up shot:

Isn’t it cute?

And here is a closer shot of the Lorien Garden Gate and Caerog’s Arm. They really do go nicely together, they both have pretty flowers on them! 🙂

In my next post I’ll take you inside!