Limmia & her fox


Just having a pint at the Bird & Baby with my fox. His name is Mulder. He likes to hang out on the counter and scare Carlo Balgrove, the tavern keep. Mulder is¬†pretty harmless though. ūüôā


Landroval fun times

Logged into Lotro tonight and went to Landroval just because¬†I hadn’t logged into those toons in a long time. Randomly stumbled upon a RP concert in Micheal Delving and ended up hanging out for about an hour. This reminding me of what I love about this game, people getting together in middle earth and having a good time! It’s funny how for so long I couldn’t go a day without either playing or thinking about playing, or reading blogs or listening to podcasts about Lotro. Oh those were the good old days. ¬†Anyway I don’t know if this was a regular event or a random thing, but it really made my day. Here’s a couple screenshots I grabbed while I was there.