About Limm

I play Lotro on the Gladden server, although I do have a few toons on Landroval. I am an officer in the kinship Reflections of the Light (formerly known as Creations of the Light). All my toons are named Limm-something.

The Limms On Gladden:

Limmerien Limmenel Limmyre
Limmore 2 jpg Limmia Limmenor
Limmulias Limmara Limm

(Not pictured, Limmer the Beorning.)


3 thoughts on “About Limm

  1. Neat profile shots, I especially love the banners and chosen font for them. Limm (the red headed human woman) looks the most interesting to me thanks to the expression and chosen body language in her portrait.

    That being said, I love your banner! Very awesome! The background colour you chose looks pretty nifty with it too.


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